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The waitlist is OPEN:7/9

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Hi I'm Mina, a tiger Vtuber and german artist!!

Thanks for checking me out! owa owa



Please read before commissioning me.

✦ I reserve the rights to the drawing as well as to refuse an order at any time.
✦ I will only start working on the commission when initial payment is received.
✦ Refunds are only permitted if the commission has not been started. In the case that I must cancel the commission, client will be given a full refund.
✦ Client may ask for work-in-progress update at any given time while I am working on the commission.
✦ Revision requests after lineart/coloring phase will incur a fee. Additional changes after the work has been sent to the client will incur a fee.
✦ Client must not edit, trace, distribute, modify, make merchandise, or claim/credit the commissioned artwork as their own.
✦ visibly credit @Minaowaa or Twitch.tv/Minaowa on the website the product is showcased/used on.
✦ I have the right to post/advertise the product on my social media, as well as stream the progress. (You may request it remaining private or being untagged until your debut.)


✦ upon accepting your commission you will receive an invite to my clients-only server with your own private channel to discuss everything.
✦ after finishing your commission you will also get access to a client/artist/rigger server to discuss the rigging details, which I can provide assistance for!
✦ Twitter will only be allowed for the initial commission inquiry!


✦ All payments will be made through Paypal.
✦ I accept payment plans under discussed circumstainces only.
✦ False chargebacks will result in immediate blacklisting the client.


✦ ETA is around 2 months, but may be sooner or later depending on complexity
✦ There will be NO set deadline unless a rush fee is paid. I will give you a rough estimate beforehand.
✦ I'll make any adjusments needed for the rigging for free after finishing the product.